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Using mobile Parallels Client v15.5

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.5


Mobile Parallels Client v15.5 is available for download from App Store and Google Play.

Parallels Client has certain pre-requisites for successful connection:

Note: Instructions on setting up the connection are available in this article.

Parallels Remote Application Server:

  • Parallels Primary Connection (Parallels ClientSecure Gateway).
  • Connection Mode.
  • Port Parallels ClientSecure Gateway is listening on.
  • Username and password to authenticate with Parallels ClientSecureGateway.

Standard RDP Connection:

  • Server Hostname/IP
  • RDP port to connect over (default 3389)
  • Username and password to authenticate with the server users are connecting through

Following options are available in Settings menu:

  • Keep Device Awake: Screen will not switch off while connection is running, after device idle time elapsed.
  • Show Keyboard Automatically: When enabled the on screen keyboard will automatically open when on an input field.
  • Run in background: Connection will stay active for a defined timeframe, when Parallels Client is running in a background.
  • Report Statistics: Enable/disable participation in customer experience program.
  • Use Detailed Message Log: Enable/disable logging for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Orientation: On Auto mode - session resolution is adjusted to orientation of device. If set to Portrait/Landscape, resolution is set accordingly upon connection.
  • Change resolution: This option is available in Auto Orientation mode only.
  • Server Authentication: This option affects connection behavior depending on Gateway or RDP server certificates.
  • Reset all hidden messages: Resets all messages, that were disabled by "Do not ask me again" dialog option.

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