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"The virtual machine processor was reset by the operating system." error message

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The virtual machine processor was reset by the operating system. error message is shown when working with a Windows virtual machine:



While Parallels Development Team is working on the permanent fix for this issue by disabling hybrid shutdown it's possible to temporary resolve the issue:

  1. Start Parallels Desktop.
  2. Launch the Windows virtual machine.
  3. Create snapshot: from the top menu bar select Actions > Create snapshot.
  4. Press command button to bring Start menu and then type cmd.
  5. You will see Command Prompt in suggestions, right-click on it and select Run as Administrator.
    NOTE: Be sure that you run Command Prompt as Administrator or you will encounter the following error message:

  6. In the Command Prompt type powercfg -h off and hit Enter/Return.
  7. Check the behavior.

Alternative way

  1. Shut down the virtual machine and open its configuration.
  2. Switch to the Hardware tab and choose Boot Order menu.
  3. Expand Advanced Settings dropdown menu and insert the following flag in the Boot flags section:



  4. Close configuration window and check the behavior.

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