Parallels Client Command Line Parameters

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Parallels Client for Windows parameters are available when launching published application and published desktop from the command line.

Parallels Client Command Line Parameters

Parameters Note
s!='primary server' Primary Server hostname or IP address.
b!='backup server'Secondary Server hostname or IP address.
a!='application/desktop id'Published Application/Desktop ID.
p!='override application params' 
t!='port'"Port of the RAS Remote Application
Server connection. "
u!='usernameUsername for the user to connect with.
q!='password'Password for the user.
"d!='domain' ignored if user name
is in UPN format "Domain name.
!='0/1' 0 use primary server, 1 user backup serverSpecify value in order to connect either to primary or backup server.
"m!='connection mode' (gateway mode = 0, direct
mode 1, gateway ssl mode = 2, direct ssl = 3,
direct rdp=4) "Specify value for the connection mode.
o!='0/1' if set to 1 credentials are overwritten with SSO information if available When set to 1, credentials are overwritten with SSO credentials.
i!='connection alias'Specify a connection Alias.
c! Always ask for credentials.
r!Reconnect if connection is dropped.


In Command Prompt, go to the location where Parallels Client is installed and run the following command:

    TSClient.exe s!='2008ad1.2x.testing' a!='#50' t!='80' d!='2x.testing' u!='testerjm'q!='123456'  m!='0' 

Running the above command will launch Published application with ID92, for user testerjm

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