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How to collect logs for troubleshooting Smart Card related issues

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.5
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.0

Setting up required logging

Publishing Agent

  1. Save LogLevelSwitcher tool on the machine where Publishing Agent installed and run it.

  2. Choose Publishing Agent module.
  3. Tick the Debug check box.
  4. Set Log Level and Console Log Level to 6 (Debug Traces).
  5. Click on Set button.


Smart Card Redirector

  1. Choose Smart Card Redirector module.
  2. Tick the Debug check box.
  3. Set Log Level and Console Log Level to 6 (Debug Traces).
  4. Specify File Path for Smart Card logs (e.g. C:\scardredirector.txt).
  5. Click on Set button.


  6. Go to services.msc and restart RAS Publishing Agent service.


  1. RDP directly to Publishing Agent machine (using mstsc.exe or 3rd party RDP client) and authenticate using smart card.


  2. Attempt to obtain published application listing from Parallels Client using smart card authentication.


  3. Ensure Publishing Agent and Smart Card Redirector log files setup aren't empty
  4. Compress the logs and upload it on Parallels ftp share using link provided by Parallels Support representative.

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