Maximum number of powered on guests reached

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Remote Application Servers Clients are unable to connect to Remote Application Server due to the following error:

Code [01/00000005] Maximum number of powered on guests reached.

Additionally, the following message is logged by Remote Application Server Publishing Agent:

Maximum amount of powered on guests reached on VDI host (<IP>)


The client is configured to connect to a guest which needs to be powered on, but there isn't enough spare capacity on the VDI host to power on the guest. This error only occurs when the guest is suspended or powered off, and needs to be powered on. When checking if the VDI host is over capacity, Remote Application Server takes into consideration all the guests currently powered on, including those which weren't created from Remote Application Server templates.


  1. Go to Remote Application Server Console > Farm > VDI Hosts, and double click on the VDI host on which the guest is hosted.
  2. In the Agent Settings tab increase the maximum number of allowed connections.

Alternatively, configure a separate account on the VDI host specifically for Remote Application Server, and restrict access to only those guests which need to be managed by Remote Application Server. This solution is ideal in scenarios in which Remote Application Server only manages a small subset of guests on the VDI host and does not need access to guests outside of its perimeter.

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