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How do I get a Parallels Desktop Lite trial copy?

  • Parallels Desktop Lite

A trial Parallels Desktop Lite copy allows you to run Windows for 14 days. The period cannot be extended.

Note: If you would like to use another operating system in your virtual machine, you don't need a trial period, you can use Parallels Desktop Lite for free.

  • Download Parallels Desktop Lite from the Mac App Store.

  • Start Parallels Desktop Lite. Windows & Support option is selected by default, simply click Continue.

    If you are new to Parallels Desktop, you will see the Sign In window and will need to register a Parallels account or log in to an existing one.


  • Then you will need to choose a plan. Select Windows & Support.


  • Click on Free for 14 days to start the trial period.


    Note: Windows is not included. We strongly recommend to get a Windows copy before you start the Parallels Desktop Lite trial period.

  • Then you will see the confirmation window, click on Continue for Free to proceed to creating your Windows virtual machine.


Note: You can purchase Parallels Desktop Lite at any time during your trial period. You will not have to reinstall Parallels Desktop or your Windows to start using a commercial version of the software.


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