Parallels Desktop Lite trial

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A trial Parallels Desktop Lite copy allows you to run the application for 14 days. The period cannot be extended.

Note: Windows is not included. We strongly recommend to get a Windows copy before you start the Parallels Desktop Lite trial period.

1. Install Parallels Desktop Lite.

2. Start Parallels Desktop. You will see a registration window and will need to create a Parallels account or sign in to an existing one.

3. Then click on Subscribe.

4. Sign-in with your Apple ID and click Buy.

5. Then you will see the Subscription Terms window informing you on the free 2-weeks trial period and auto-renewal which will follow. Click Continue.

6. Confirm the subscription once again to start the trial period.

Note: You can purchase Parallels Desktop Lite at any time during your trial period. You will not have to reinstall Parallels Desktop or your virtual machine to start using a commercial version of the software.

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