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How to specify UDP ports used by the Apply OS X Image Task Sequence step

  • Parallels Mac Management 6.1
  • Parallels Mac Management 6.0
  • Parallels Mac Management 5.0
  • Parallels Mac Management 4.5


In Parallels Mac Management v4.5 Update 1 for Microsoft SCCM we added the ability to specify client UDP ports used by the Apply OS X Image task sequence step. This can be configured by the following steps:

  1. In SCCM go to Assets and Compliance > Overview > Device Collections > right click on collection > Properties > Collection Variables tab.

  2. Create Collection Variable or Resource Variable with the name PmmOSDUdpPortRange and value in the range format StartPort-EndPort (e.g. 65000-65500) or single port format Port (e.g. 50000).


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