How to publish SnippingTool application

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Not possible to publish Snipping Tool as it is not visible in "\system32" folder while checking in Remote Application Server explorer.


This issue is caused by Snipping Tool application specialty. Some tools in a 64-bit Windows only exist in a 64-bit version, there is no 32-bit version available. And some of these tools are located in the 64-bit System32 folder. Snipping Tool is exactly that kind of tool.

Accessing the 64-bit "System32" folder from a 32-bit application (which is Remote Application Server Console in our case) directly is not possible. But there is another folder name that can be used instead: "Sysnative". "Sysnative" is a virtual folder, a special alias, that can be used to access the 64-bit "System32" folder from a 32-bit application or script.


In order to publish SnippingTool application in Remote Application Server, below path should be input manually in Target field:




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