Pending account invitation encountered when creating a new account in Parallels Remote Application Server

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Pending invitation into an existing business account

When you try to create a new Parallels business account for your company or organization, and click the Register button in the account registration dialog in Remote Application Server, you may encounter the following notification message:


This means that a business account for your company or organization has already been created and it uses the same email address as you have specified on the business account registration form. You have been invited to become an administrator of that business account.

How is it possible that a business account has already been created?

It can happen in one of the following ways:

What do I do if I encounter a pending business account notification?

What if I found the message but encounter an error when trying to join an existing business account?

Most possibly, the invitation that was sent some time ago has already expired. You need a new invitation. Follow the instructions in the next section.

What if I can't locate an invitation message in my inbox?

You need a new invitation. Follow the instructions below:

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If you manage Parallels Remote Application Server, see KB 123620 for more information on using a business account when activating or upgrading Parallels Remote Application Server.

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