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How to update Parallels Client for Windows using policies

  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.0


How to update Parallels Client for Windows using policies?


Note: Applicable to the full Parallels Client for Windows only.

Remote Application Server provides a flexible way for updating Windows clients using policies. You may use either Parallels web server or your local one to distribute updates.

To configure policy you should open Parallels Remote Application Server Console and navigate to Policies. Click on + (plus) button to add new policy. After policy is added, right-click it and choose Properties.

  1. In the first pane click on + (plus) button to specify Active Directory user or group you want to apply policy to:

  2. Switch to Options pane and tick Check for updates on startup box in General tab.

  3. Now hit OK to save policy and close dialog.

  4. In Parallels Remote Application Server Console windows hit Apply to save changes.

    Note: Parallels client for Mac OS X can be updated only from App Store. Parallels Client for Linux does not support this feature.

By default Remote Application Server uses Parallels server for updating clients, however, you can configure it to user your local web server. The following procedure should be done:

  1. Download .xml file.
  2. Replace default link in policy Properties > Options > General > Update URL pane with a new one that leads to .xml file located on your web server.
  3. Download required client installers on your web server.
  4. Open .xml file with a text editor and edit the following fields:

    • in <Version></Version> tags specify new client version.
    • in <*PackageURL></*PackageURL> tags specify a link to appropriate installer.
    • in <Message></Message> tags specify a text that will be shown in update dialog.

    Note: use \\ sign for newline, for example:

        <DisplayName>Parallels Client</DisplayName>
        <Message>\\A new version of Parallels Client is now available.\\The new version takes the full advantages of\\Parallels Remote Application Server.</Message>

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