"Start" category in Remote Application Server

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Upon launching the RAS Management Console, the Start Category is opened with three wizards on it.

  1. Add RD Session Hosts Wizard: Allows adding one or multiple terminal server to the Farm at any time.
  2. Publish Applications Wizard: Allows publishing one or multiple applications, desktops etc at any time.
  3. Invite User Wizard: Allows sending invitation to a user or a group at any time.

Wizard - Add RD Session Hosts

  1. Select Servers
  2. Options

    • Enable Automatic installation of RDS Role
    • Enable Automatic restart
    • Enable Add servers to an existing group or create a new group

    Note: By default only Automatically install RDS role is selected.

  3. Confirmation Window: shows all previous selected Options
  4. Results Window: Shows results for the Agents installed.

Wizard - Publish Applications

  1. Select Site, Server Group or Server
  2. Select Application(s) to Publish
  3. Confirmation Window: Shows selected options.
  4. Progress and Results Window: Shows progress and which applications are being published.

Wizard - Invite Users

  1. Configure SMTP server: Allows Administrator to configure an SMTP server if not already configured.
  2. Target Devices/ Options: Select Target Devices. The following connection settings are also required
    • Select the connection server (GW or HALB) entry point
    • Select connection Mode
  3. Select Recipients / Edit Invitation Email
  4. Confirmation: Show Selected Options
  5. Progress and Results Window: Shows progress of emails sent.

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