How to Generate a Self-Signed Certificate using Parallels Remote Application Server

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Parallels Remote Application Server can be configured to accept connections placed from Parallels RDP Clients against a Parallels Client SecureGateway over SSL.

Such a configuration requires an SSL Certificate to be imported within the RAS Console. Parallels Remote Application Server allows configuration of both Self-Signed certificates and signed SSL Certificates obtained from a certificate authority.Self-signed certificates are ideal for testing purposes.

The certificate is configured from within the Gateway properties of the Client Secure Gateway users are connecting through.

To do this, follow the next steps:

  1. Open the Gateway properties from Farm > Gateways
  2. Right click on the desired gateway > Properties
  3. Select the SSL/TLS tab
  4. Enable: “Enable SSL on Port:”
  5. Click on the “Generate New Certificate” button for the Self-Signed Certificate header
  6. You are now presented with a Window to configure a self-signed certificate which needs to be configured accordingly
  7. Input the relevant information and click save. The Self-Signed Certificate is automatically imported and ready to be used.

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