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Viewing details of a subscription registered in a Parallels business account

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
  • Parallels Access for Business
  • Parallels Mac Management 5.0
  • Parallels Remote Application Server 15.0

Use your Parallels business account Web portal to view details of business subscriptions and licenses belonging to your company or organization. If your company does not yet have a Parallels business account, see Registering a Parallels business account for details about how to create one.

For more details about browsing a list of your company subscriptions and permanent licenses, see List of subscriptions in a Parallels business account.

See the Registering a subscription in a Parallels business account article for instructions on registering your company subscription.

To see details of a subscription or a permanent license:

  1. Go to and sign in, if necessary.

  2. When the list of registered subscriptions and licenses is displayed, choose an item in the list and click the corresponding row.

    Note: If you don’t see a permanent license or a subscription to a particular Parallels business product, you need to register its license key in your Parallels business account, as described in the article Registering a subscription in a Parallels business account.

  3. The Subscription Details page contains the following information about your company subscription:


    • General subscription properties like subscription duration, status, auto-renewal status, date of activation, renewal (next billing) or expiration date

    • License key(s) that can be used for activating Parallels business products included in the subscription

    • List of licensed products, number of licenses

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To learn how to cancel or enable an automatic renewal of your company business subscription, see Managing auto-renewal in a Parallels business account.

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