What is a sublicense for Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition?

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A sublicense for Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition is a license with its own properties, created based on the main Parallels Desktop Business Edition subscription.

Only an administrator of a business account can create sublicenses.

You can use sublicenses to allow different company departments to activate Parallels Desktop for Mac without giving the main license key and control the sublicense properties according to your needs.

A sublicense has its own license key that can be used for activation, its own expiration date and number of licenses. The licenses allocated to a sublicense are taken from the subscription.

You can allocate a fixed amount of licenses to a sublicense, and they will not be available for the main subscription. Or you can set the maximum limit, and allow the main subscription or other sublicenses to take available activations from the sublicense. Please see KB 123471 for more information.

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