How to restrict RDP access through the Parallels Secure Client Gateway port

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I want users to use only Remote Application Server connection, not RDC (Remote Desktop Connection). How can I restrist the Remote Desktop Connection for end users?


To restrict Remote Desktop Connection for end users follow the next steps:

  1. Open to Remote Application Server console.

  2. Open the list of Gateways within your farm.

  3. Highlight the Gateway.

  4. Head to Tunneling Policies tab.

  5. Double click the policy (Usually Default policy is used. If you happen to use another policy make sure to double click the used one).

  6. Click "None" checkpoint.

  7. Apply new setting in RAS Console.

Note: Performing these actions will restrict native MSTSC from accessing the Gateway on the RAS Gateway port (default 80) So if the end user will try using MSTSC ipaddress:80 it won't let them in. Same with RDP connection on the Client pointing to port 80.

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