Netboot image is not available as a boot option.

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I have created a NBI file and converted it to a WIM file and created a task sequence and deployed the task sequence to a collection of Macs. The problem is that the NetBoot image option is not appearing as a boot option on the target Macs.

Please check `pma_isv_netboot_service.log' for the following errors:

     W /PmaUtils:32916:556c/ Could not construct WMI namespace: host = '', site code = '
     D /pma_netboot_service:32916:556c/ SMS Provider: 
     D /pma_netboot_service:32916:556c/ Starting DistributionAgent...
     D /pma_netboot_service:32916:556c/ DistributionAgent has started
     D /pma_netboot_service:32916:556c/ Starting BsdpServer...
     D /pma_netboot_service:32916:556c/ Listening on \\.\pipe\pma_netboot_service.pipe
     D /pma_netboot_service:32916:556c/ BsdpServer has started
     I /pma_netboot_service:32916:37fc/ Distribution Point NAL path is ''.
     I /pma_netboot_service:32916:37fc/ Unable to fetch data (Unable to read DP NAL path. Check that account has enough rights.).
    D /pma_netboot_service:32916:556c/ Stop service


Check C:\Windows\Logs for pma_netboot_config.log.

If there is no such file it means that NetBoot Server Configuration Utility has failed to configure or has not been run yet.

NOTE: In case log file persists, please follow this article:


Run NetBoot Server Configuration Utility, proceed with configuring and check the issue.


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