Unable to convert VMware virtual machine to Parallels Desktop

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I cannot convert VMware virtual machine to Parallels Desktop, error message : The process was not stopped, still want to continue the installation process.


In order to resolve the issue, please do the following:

NOTE: instead of "way .vhd" you need to write down the actual way to the file of the virtual machine


    /Applications/Parallels\ Desktop.app/Contents/MacOS/prl_convert /Volumes/500gb\ 1/WIN-8.VHD

You can drag&drop you virtual machine file to the Terminal instead of typing the way to the file.

Type the command:

    /Applications/Parallels\ Desktop.app/Contents/MacOS/prl_convert

Open the file that you would like to convert and drag&drop it to the Terminal window, hit return/Enter

The converted file will be located next to your VMware virtual machine, but it should have .pvm extension.

To start the converted virtual machine with Parallels Desktop just double-click on WindowsXX.pvm file.

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