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Parallels virtual machine's recommended Retina video settings

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


If you have a Mac computer with Retina display this article will help you to adjust your virtual machine's video settings.

The below table contains a list of symptoms with recommended settings alongside.

Symptom Recommended settings Details
Parallels Retina Optimization Windows DPI
The text is blurry in Windows 'Best for Retina' for Win 7/8
'Enabled' for Win 8.1/10
199% for Win 7/8
200% for Win 8.1/10
See KB114700
Windows resolution is too high It happens when a virtual machine video is not optimized for Retina, but scaling is over 100%
Windows resolution is too small If you have an issue with a particular program where the text is too small, please visit KB 119926
Program's UI is broken 'Scaled' for Win 7/8
'Disabled' for Win 8.1/10
100% See KB119926
Program icon(s) is blurry

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