Configuring SafeNet

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SafeNet's Token Management System provides a high-value of protection using secure tokens, making it a perfect tool for second level authentication in Parallels Remote Application Server.

To get started, open the Remote Application Server console and click Connection in the sidebar. Then click the Second Level Authentication tab.


Choose SafeNet as a provider and click Settings.


Connection Tab

To ensure that the OTP Service URL is properly configured and the connection is valid, click Check connection.


The Publishing Agent communicates with the SafeNet Token Management System Server. For greatest security, you should have this behind a firewall. Also, be sure that the OTP Service URL is set correctly.

Authentication Tab


Mode: Select how you want your users to be authenticated from the following options.

TMS Web API URL: Enter the location of the SafeNet API URL.

User Repository: Enter the user repository destination.

Exclusion Rules

Configure exclusion rules from second level authentication using the following options:


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