Unable to detect External Hard Drive in Windows virtual machine

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Unable to detect external hard drive in Windows virtual machine. When I check the device in Devices -> External Devices it disappears from My Computer. However, when the device is unchecked it is detected by Windows but I am unable to copy anything on/from drive. It is possible to read only. When I connect external drive it gives me a choice to connect to Mac (read only) or to Windows (read/write):



  1. USB 3.0 support is enabled.
  2. All Mac disks is shared with Windows.
  3. New Technology File System of external drive (NTFS).


  1. Go to the virtual machine configuration.
  2. Hardware tab -> USB & Bluetooth -> Uncheck USB 3.0 support
  3. Go to the Options tab -> Sharing -> Share Folders -> In a drop-down menu please select Home folder only.

NTFS is a file system that can be read and written only by Windows operation system. On a Mac side it will be only for reading. You will not be able to copy or create any files on it.

If you would like your external device be fully detected by both operation systems please use Paragon software.

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