Cannot create Bootcamp based VM: PRL_ERR_DISK_FILE_OPEN_ERROR (0x80021014)

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Cannot create Bootcamp based virtual machine: Failed to configure the Boot Camp partition's hard disk.

A disk configuration error has occurred:


Make sure that you have read/write permissions for the disk.

  '/Users/<username>/Documents/Parallels/My Boot Camp.pvm/<name_off_hdd>.hdd'


Bootcamp disk is used by some process/subsystem on your Mac. This is either filesystem driver or another process like spotlight.


  1. Check the list with partitions:

    • Launch Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal) and type in:

      diskutil list
  2. Check which disk is used by Bootcamp. At this example it's disk0s4:

     Microsoft Basic Data BOOTCAMP 101.8 GB disk0s4 
  3. Try to unmount the disk:

    • Execute the following command in the Terminal:

      sudo umount /dev/disk0s4  

    If disk unmounts successfully, please try to create Bootcamp based virtual machine again.

    If not, please check which process uses the disk:

    • In the Terminal window, please execute the following command:

      sudo lsof | grep BOOTCAMP
  4. Check the process in the output of the command, e.g:

     test     1359   root    8r    DIR    1.4    2709   /Volumes/BOOTCAMP
  5. Try to stop/force quit this process (in the example the disk is used by the process 1359. In order to stop the process execute the following command):

      kill 1359
  6. Create Bootcamp based virtual machine again.

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