Parallels RAS Reporting Service installation error: "There was an error while creating the reports folders structure."

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I am trying to install the Remote Application Server, but the installation fails with the following error message:

There was an error while creating the reports folder structure.

Then the installation process rolls back. An event log is created with the same error message.


This error message occurs because the Remote Application Server Reporting module fails to communicate with the SRSS module.


Pplease do the following:

  1. Open the SQL Reporting Services Configuration Manager.
  2. Go to Web Service URL and change the TCP Port to 8085. Click Apply.
  3. Go to Report Manager URL, click Advanced.
  4. From the Multiple Identities for Report Manager section, click Edit to bring up the Edit Report Manager HTTP URL window.
  5. From this window, change the TCP Port to 8085 and click OK. Then click OK on the Advanced Multiple Web Site Configuration window to apply the settings.

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