How to install Sophos Anti-Virus using Software Distribution

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How to distribute Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac using Software Distribution


  1. Copy the Sophos installer file and the Sophos Installer Components directory to a preferred location on the server.

  2. Create a Software Package, specifying that location as a Source folder in Specify information about this package page of Create Package and Program Wizard dialog.

  3. In the Specify information about this standard program page of Create Package and Program Wizard dialog:

    • Copy and paste the following command in the Command line field:

      chmod -R 777 "Sophos" && mv "Sophos Installer" "Sophos Installer" && "Sophos Installer" --install
    • Set Run mode to Run with administrative rights
  4. Finish the package creation and proceed with the deploying as described in Parallels Mac Management Administrator Guide, Software Distribution part.

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