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How to copy a file using software distribution?

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How to copy a file using software distribution?


If you want just to copy a file, you should specify the command:

    cp <filename> <destination> 

If you want copy a folder, execute the following:

    cp -r <filename> <destination> 


If you want to copy a 'config.cfg' file located in 'C:\Temp\passcode.desktopconfig' folder to /Documents/ApplicationSettings folder on a Mac, then you should:

  1. Create a package and a program using the standard Create Package and Program Wizard in the Configuration Manager console:

    Navigate to Software Library / Overview / Application Management / Packages. Right click -> Create Package. The Create Package and Program Wizard opens.

  2. Create a package and specify a 'C:\Temp\passcode.desktopconfig' as a source folder:

  3. Go to Program Type page -> select the Standard program and specify a command:

    cp config.cfg /Documents/ApplicationSettings

  4. Click Next and specify properties on the Requirements page (optional).

  5. Click Next again to check Summary and complete the wizard to proceed with the package creation and distribution.


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