Unable to create an image from NetBoot Server

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Unable to create an image from NetBoot Server.

The following error repeats in pma_netboot_service.log.:

       03-03 11:18:21.844 D /WimWrap:1940:1d38/ WIMGAPI: There is not enough space on the disk. (0x70)
       03-03 11:18:21.844 W /WimWrap:1940:1d38/ WIMGAPI Error
       03-03 11:18:21.844 W /pma_netboot_service:1940:1d38/ [00200148.1] Couldn't export 'NetBoot.dmg' to 'F:/Client/pmmimages/00200148.1/NetBoot.dmg'
       03-03 11:18:21.844 D /pma_netboot_service:1940:1d38/ Failed to install image 00200148.1


Not enough free disk space.


You do not have enough free disk space machine where Parallels NetBoot Server is installed. in order to successfully deploy the image.

Please check it and try again.

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