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NetBoot service issues troubleshooting

  • Parallels Mac Management


The NetBoot image option is not appearing as a boot option on the target Mac.


Incorrect Netboot Server configuration


Please check pma_netboot_service.log:

  • Locate the exact moment of the latest startup of service:

       01-30 14:25:01.892 I /pma_netboot_service:2652:b84/ Parallels NetBoot service (version 3.1.2456.1079331)
  • Check that SMS Provider has been detected:

       01-30 14:25:01.892 D /pma_netboot_service:2652:1440/ SMS Provider: \\\root\sms\site_CO1
  • Check that NAL have the information about Distribution Points:

        01-30 14:25:02.501 I /pma_netboot_service:2652:14e8/ Distribution Point NAL path is '["Display=\\\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=CO1"]\\\’.
  • DHCP or WDS plugin has been installed and connected to NetBoot Server:

       01-30 14:25:11.407 I /NetBootServer_IpcServer:2652:94/ Connected
  • Check that that Netboot Server receives requests for download:

       12-10 09:41:55.183 D /pma_netboot_service:6736:a60/ 3C:07:54:0C:B4:A5: BSDP[LIST]
  • where 3C:07:54:0C:B4:A5: is MAC-addres from Mac that have sent a request for list of available images

NOTE: The most probable root cause of the issue - the NetBoot server and the Mac are located in different subnets, which means that broadcast DHCP requests from the Mac can't reach the NetBoot server. To solve this issue, the administrator should set up DHCP Relay Agent on the client subnet’s router (R1), which will forward broadcast UDP traffic as unicast to the NetBoot server.

The solution provided here: "Setting Up Network Environment for NetBoot Server"


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