Cannot resize Imported Boot Camp virtual disk

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Note: in order to find out whether your disk has GPT or MBR partition table, please right-click on Windows start menu and select Disk Management. Right-click on disk and select Properties > Volumes > check the Partition style tab: entry will show as either Master Boot Record (MBR) or GUID Partition Table (GPT).


Virtual machine size is equivalent to the size of the whole Mac disk that contains both Boot Camp and Mac partitions:


However, the space that is not used by Boot Camp partition is given to Mac partition. Windows recognizes this partition as RAW partition:

Note: in imported Boot Camp virtual machine this partition contains no real data.


  1. Make a backup copy of the virtual machine (see this article).

  2. In Windows Disk Management remove all the partitions of the Disk 0 except BOOTCAMP C:\ :

  3. Right-click the partition > Delete Volume.... The result should be like this:

  4. Reboot virtual machine and check that it boots fine. After that shut down virtual machine and try to resize it again.

  5. If everything is ok, you may delete the backup copy, but Parallels recommends you to always have a backup of your virtual machine to be on the safe side.

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