Parallels Tools manual installation in Linux virtual machine

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I am unable to install Parallels Tools in Linux virtual machine. I am executing all needed commands in Terminal, but the installation does not start.


  1. Open Ubuntu Linux Terminal window via shortcut Ctrl+Alt(Option)+T.
  2. Get the administrator's / root privileges (depending on your Linux distribution):

    sudo su


  3. Make sure the DVD drive in Linux virtual machine is ejected:

    eject /dev/cdrom
  4. Go to Parallels Desktop menubar > Devices > CD/DVD > Connect image…

    Navigate to /Applications/Parallels Desktop/Contents/Resources/Tools

    Click on prl-tools-lin.iso and click Open

  5. Mount the Parallels Tools image to Linux virtual machine:

    mkdir /media/cdrom
    mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
  6. Make sure the disk image is successfully mounted:

    ls /media/cdrom

    it should list the files located on the disk

    install*  installer/  install-gui*  kmods/  tools/  version
  7. Go to the Parallels Tools disk and run the installation package:

    cd /media/cdrom


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