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Unable to boot Mac using the Parallels NetBoot service

  • Parallels Mac Management


  • Unable to boot Mac using the Parallels NetBoot service

  • Unable to deploy OS X Images to a Mac


  • SCCM/PMM misconfiguration
  • Image was not properly deployed


  1. Make sure that you use the latest version of PMM: Open Control Panel > Programs and Features > locate PMM and check the version. The information about the latest version you can find here.

  2. Make sure that Mac obtains an IP address from DHCP.

  3. Make sure that NetBoot service is started with a Domain/Local Admin account.

  4. Make sure that there are images, ready to boot over the network:

    4.1 Check the ID number and Source Version of the Image in SCCM (Software Library > Overview > Operating System Images).

    Note: by default Source Version is not shown. To enable it, right-click the name of the table and choose 'Source Version' in the drop-down list.


    4.2 Check the registry parameters of pmmimages and pmmboot directories in


Note: In PMM v7 registry path is changes as following:

x64-bit OS:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Parallels\Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM\NetBoot

x32-bit OS:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Parallels\Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM\NetBoot




4.3 Make sure that in pmmboot (default path is C:\RemoteInstall\pmmboot) and pmmimages (default path is C:\pmmimages) directories there are deployed image files. There should be a directory called 'ImageId'.'SourceVersion' and a mark-file called 'ImageId'.'SourceVersion'.ini



Make sure that the actual image location directories and pathes in the Registry (step 3.2) are the same.

If these requirements are met, then Netboot has deployed images properly and is ready to provide clients with them.

  1. Confirm that Netboot image has been installed successfully in C:\Windows\Logs\pma_netboot_service.log:

    09-12 15:13:38.289 I /pma_netboot_service:1380:b0c/ New image distributed: PS10003F.1.
    09-12 15:13:38.289 D /pma_netboot_service:1380:b0c/ Scheduled operation for installing image package PS10003F.1
    09-12 15:13:38.290 I /pma_netboot_service:1380:282c/ [PS10003F.1] Start installing image package
    09-12 15:13:38.307 D /pma_netboot_service:1380:282c/ [PS10003F.1] WIM: netbooooot.wim.INI (C:/SCCMContentLib/FileLib/7389/7389C3D9CE165CF79580D0E30631B937A40F1DD8F142F1DB6119F8AE6039FA04)
    09-12 15:13:38.332 I /pma_netboot_service:1380:282c/ [PS10003F.1] WIM Content 
    09-12 15:13:38.332 I /pma_netboot_service:1380:282c/ [PS10003F.1] Filtered 
    09-12 15:14:04.902 I /pma_netboot_service:1380:282c/ [PS10003F.1] Image package installed


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