Installing Fedora Linux on your Mac using Parallels Desktop

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This page has instructions on installing Fedora Linux on your Mac for the first time to use with Parallels Desktop.

Fedora Workstation is distributed as a Live image that is why it is not possible to use the Express installation method. The instructions below will guide you through the manual installation process.


  1. Download latest Fedora .iso image file from or one of the official mirrors.
  2. Start Parallels Desktop, then click File -> New.

  3. Choose "Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or and image file", then click Continue.

  4. Choose Fedora Linux from the list of the operating system sources found on your Mac, then click Continue.

  5. Specify the name and location of your virtual machine or leave the default settings, then click Continue.

  6. The Fedora virtual machine will be created and the Fedora welcome screen will appear.

    Click inside the virtual machine screen, then choose "Install to Hard Drive".

    Click inside the virtual machine screen, then choose "Install to Hard Drive".

  7. Choose your language of installation, then click Continue.

  8. Go through the Fedora installation wizard. Specify:

    • Installation destination. The way you partition the virtual hard disk for the installation.

    • Root password
    • Your user login name and password
  9. Wait till installation is complete, then reboot your virtual machine.

  10. Log into Fedora VM.

  11. Update Fedora environment to the latest version. Also make sure that essential packages are installed as well.

    IMPORTANT: Before installing Parallels Tools and/or updating Fedora VM we recommend to create a fresh snapshot for your Fedora Virtual Machine (VM).

  12. Restart Fedora Linux VM.

  13. Launch Parallels Tools installation:

  14. Once Parallels Tools installation is complete, restart Fedora VM.

  15. That's it. Parallels Tools are now installed for your Fedora Linux VM.

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to use Coherence view mode in Fedora Linux VM, please check Disabling Desktop Visual Effects in Linux virtual machines

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