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How to create a Problem Report in Parallels Access

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  • Parallels Access


Technical Data ID is used by Parallels Engineering and Support Teams during troubleshooting of reported issues. Parallels Access has two sides: client side (iPhone, iPad, Android-based tablet or phone) and agent side (Mac or PC computer/laptop). Therefore while troubleshooting technical issues you may be requested to provide Parallels Support with with Problem Report and Technical Data ID: from both agent and client sides (the order does not matter).

NOTE: Generating a Parallels Access Technical Data ID is not considered as request to Parallels Support

Technical Data ID's do not include any personal or confidential data. For more information, refer to this article: What information is included in a Problem Report?

How to send Technical Data?

Step 1. Submitting report on remote computer

  1. Connect from the Parallels Access app on your mobile device to your computer (Mac or PC)

  2. Reproduce the issue you are having.

    NOTE: It is very important to generate a Problem Report ID as soon as the issue appears.

  3. Click on the Parallels Access Agent tray icon and choose "Report a Problem"

    • on a Mac:

    • on a PC:

  4. Wait for the Problem Report to be generated

    • on a Mac:

    • on a PC:

  5. The Problem Report window will appear.

    • Enter a short problem description.
    • Enter your contact information (name and email address).
    • Click Send Report.

    on a Mac:

    on a PC:

  6. The Problem Report ID will appear.

    • on a Mac:

    • on a PC:

If Parallels Support asks you to send the Problem Report ID with "extended logging" or with "detailed log messages":

  1. Open Parallels Access Preferences

    on a Mac

    on a PC:

  2. Switch to Advanced Tab
  3. Mark the "Use detailed log messages" checkbox

    on a Mac:

    on a PC:

  4. Reproduce the issue and generate the Problem Report.

Step 2. Sending Technical Data on mobile device

For sending Technical Data on mobile device please refer to this article: How to send Technical Data on mobile device in Parallels Access

NOTE: For better convenience you may include one Technical Data ID into description of another report:


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