How to assign drive letters to the mapped Mac drives

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I am sharing external Mac drives with a Windows 7 guest operating system (Virtual machine) and it seems like Parallels Desktop automatically assigns shared drive letters beginning from the end of the alphabet, in the order that they are connected.

How do I reassign the drive letters I see in Windows 7 for those drives?


Drive letter assignment is managed by Windows and does not depend on Parallels Desktop.


To reassign drive letters for shared Mac drives please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure the external drive is properly connected to the Mac and mounted in Finder.

  2. Start Windows, go to Start ► Computer and make sure external drive is successfully mapped (usually with letter X:, Y: or Z:)

  3. Click on "Map network drive" button.

  4. In the new "Map network drive" window choose the Drive letter you want from the list

  5. Then in Folder: field type in \\psf\ and choose the drive you need from the drop-down list (\\psf\KINGSTON in the example below)

  6. Make sure "Reconnect at logon" checkbox is checked. Save changes.

  7. Now in Windows Explorer you will be able to see 2 identical drives with different drive letters assigned.

  8. Right-click on the drive with the "wrong" letter (Y: in the example) and choose Disconnect

  9. Now the shared drive letter will be saved for this device even after Windows is rebooted.


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