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I am a VMware user. Can I use my existing Virtual Machines in Parallels Desktop?

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
  • Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac Home Edition
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition


With Parallels Desktop for Mac you can use Windows that you set up using earlier versions of Parallels Desktop, as well as VMware Fusion, Microsoft Virtual PC, and Virtualbox:

Before you import:


  • Please make sure you deleted previous tools from your virtual machine (old Parallels Tools or VMware tools, etc.)
  • Fully Shut down your virtual machine - do not suspend the virtual machine and do not put it in hibernate mode.

    1. Open Parallels Desktop (in the Applications folder) and choose File > Open.
    2. Select the Windows data file you want to import, then click Open.

      • Parallels Desktop data files end with .pvm.
      • VMware files end with .vm (.vmx for older versions).
      • Virtual PC files end with .vmc.
      • VirtualBox files end with .xml or .vbox.

      You can also simply drag a Parallels .pvm file to the Parallels Virtual Machines list to add it to Parallels Desktop.

    3. Start Windows.
    4. Choose Actions > Install Parallels Tools and follow the onscreen instructions.

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