Windows cannot access \\Mac\Home\Desktop error

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Windows cannot access \Mac\Home\Desktop notification pops up every time Windows virtual machine (VM) starts.


  1. Incorrect configuration of shared folders driver.

  2. Your macOS Desktop folder location is not default.

By default, Desktop location is /Users/your username/Desktop where /your username/ is the name of your Mac user account (e.g. /Users/John/Desktop).


Fix incorrect driver configuration

  1. Start Parallels Desktop. Do not start your virtual machine or shut it down if it is running.

  2. Open virtual machine configuration > General. Make sure that the type of the virtual machine matches the type of guest OS installed.

  3. Follow instructions from KB 4841 to reinstall Parallels Tools.

Fix Mac Desktop location back to default

  1. Make sure that Desktop folder is actually located in /Users/your username/)

  2. Start Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities) and execute the following command:

        ls -la

    NOTE: If you notice that your Desktop folder is located in another directory, then one of the cloud storage applications changed Desktop location. You may either disable Desktop sharing with Parallels virtual machine (VM configuration > Options > Sharing > Share Mac > Configure… > uncheck Desktop and click OK), or to revert Desktop location to its original location using the instructions below.

  3. Note corresponding path to your original macOS Desktop folder.

    In this test case it is a link to the Dropbox location.
  4. Move macOS Desktop folder from the current path to its default location.

        mv /Users/parallels/Dropbox/Desktop ~/

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