Software package is not downloaded on remote Macs

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You created a software package in Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM, but it is not downloaded on remote Macs.



Resolution 1

If the records above are present in /Library/Logs/pma_agent.log, go to Resolution 2 part of the article.

  1. Open Distribution point Properties dialog:

    a) Click \\<Server-name> with distribution point in Administration -> Overview -> Site Configuration -> Servers and Site System Roles

    b) Double-click on Distribution point in Site System Roles

  2. Check if radiobutton HTTP is chosen

  3. Check if checkbox Allow clients to connect anonymously is checked.

Resolution 2 only for SCCM 2007

Enable WebDAV:

  1. Click on Start menu > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

  2. Open Default Web Site and double-click on WebDAV Authoring Rules in Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager

  3. Click Enable WebDAV in Action pane

  4. Click Add authoring rule in Action pane

  5. Choose All content, All users, check Read, and click OK button in the Add Authoring Rule dialog box.

  6. For created role click WebDAV Settings in Action pane

  7. In the WebDAV Settings workspace under Property Behavior set:

    • Allow anonymous property queries to True.
    • Allow Custom Properties to False.
    • Allow property queries with infinite depth to True.
    • If this is a BITS-enabled distribution point, under WebDAV Behavior, set Allow hidden files to be listed to True.
  8. In the Actions pane, click Apply.

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