Unable to download Parallels Mac Management Agent for Mac

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You are unable to download the Parallels Mac Management for SCCM Agent for Mac using a link taken from Parallels Mac Management properties in SCCM:



You paste the link taken from Parallels Mac Management preferences (see the screen shot) https://<SERVER_WITH_SCCM_PROXY>:8001/files/pma_agent.dmg in  the address bar and the error message appears:

'Safari can't open the page " https://<SERVER_WITH_SCCM_PROXY>:8001/files/pma_agent.dmg " because the server where this page is located isn't responding.' 



  1. Mistake in URL
  2. Server is available, but Parallels SCCM Proxy isn't installed
  3. Server is available, Parallels SCCM Proxy is installed, but service Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy isn't started
  4. Server is available, Parallels SCCM Proxy is installed, service Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy is started but Firewall is enabled


  1. Check your Parallels Mac Management download link, it should be https://<YOUR_SERVER_WITH_SCCM_PROXY>:8001/files/pma_agent.dmg
  2. Check SERVER_WITH_SCCM_PROXY is available via network connection. 
  3. Make sure Parallels SCCM Proxy is installedIf not, install and configure Parallels SCCM Proxy
  4. Make sure the Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy service is running: 
  1. Status is empty: check if Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy is configured

  2. Status is Running: go to the next solution item below

       5.  If everything from points 1 to 4 is correct but the issue still persists please check Firewall settings to make necessary exceptions, see the chapter Configure Windows Firewall in Parallels Mac Management for SCCM 2012 Administrator's Guide for details

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