ERROR: Unable to resize the last volume.

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You are unable to resize a Virtual Machine hard drive because of the error message:

Unable to resize the last volume. The file system on that volume might be corrupted or not supported.


The file system on the virtual hard disk either does not yet exist or has some issues. We are aware of this issue and are currently working on the fix.


  1. If this warning message appears on the stage of configuring your Virtual machine before installing the Guest OS: - click OK and Ignore the warning message and your choice will be saved;

    • since the Guest OS has not been installed yet, the virtual hard disk has not been partitioned and so the attempt to resize the partition fails, however the virtual hard disk itself can still be resized.
  2. If the warning message appears when you already have a Guest OS installed and you need to resize the virtual hard disk:
    • click OK and close the Virtual machine Configuration pane;
    • start your Virtual machine and check its hard disk for errors as per KB 115549;
    • if the hard disk has not been resized yet, try to resize it again;
    • if the warning message appears again - uncheck "Resize file system" checkbox and resize the hard disk, then go through the instructions in KB 113972.




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