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  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Home Edition


The academic version of Parallels Desktop for Mac is distributed by a Parallels partner, OnTheHub, and is available for students, faculty and staff.

A Student Edition license is always a full license. If you would like to upgrade your academic copy of Parallels Desktop, please buy a Student Edition license for the new version. You can also buy a standard upgrade, but the price will be higher.

Make sure that the web page where you place your order corresponds to your location. Select your country and language from the drop-down list in the upper right corner:


If a Student License is not available for your location at the Parallels Online Store, check availability with local resellers in your region.

  1. To buy Parallels Desktop for Mac Student Edition, scroll down the product page until you see Are you a student? Save 50% with the Student Edition. Click on the link.

  2. Confirm your eligibility by completing the form.

Note: Only one copy of Parallels Desktop may be obtained from a single OnTheHub user account. This limit was implemented to prevent unauthorized retrading.


If you need assistance with your purchase from OnTheHub, please contact

Additional contact information is available on the OnTheHub Help page.

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