Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition licensing

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All keys for Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition are volume license keys. The number of licenses purchased is tied to the key.

If you purchase e.g. 500 installations of Parallels Desktop Business, you will receive one key that allows 500 activations of Parallels Desktop on 500 different Macs.

In case you increase your purchase to a bigger number of copies (for example, to 900), the number of allowed activations will be increased by the corresponding number, when the new purchase is registered in our system.

All licenses for Parallels Desktop Business are time-limited and should be renewed once a year. If a Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition subscription is not renewed, the license will expire.

Note: All the licenses purchased additionally will expire the same day as the licenses you got with the original purchase.

If your Business Edition license for Parallels Desktop expired or you need to renew it, please contact your Sales representative. To find the appropriate Sales representative go to the following web page:

If you are a new customer and want to learn more about Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, please click on Request a Trial on the Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition page.

The sales team will contact you and offer further assistance.

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