IE9 freezes or crashes

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You are not satisfied with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. It freezes, crashes when browsing pages, playing videos and even when starting.

Causes and Solutions

There may be various causes for these symptoms with IE9.

Please try each of the below solutions one by one if they match your issue. In case the first one does not help, try the next one, and so on. (Note that each solution starts with a link to a Microsoft KB or solution page.)

  1. Fix Internet Explorer add-on problems when IE hangs or freezes.

    What it fixes...

    • Internet Explorer is unstable or does not respond because of one or more browser add-ons or plug-ins
    • Internet Explorer freezes because of browser add-ons or plug-ins
    • Internet Explorer startup is slow
  2. Playing video files crashes or freezes Internet Explorer or Windows.

    What it fixes...

    • Internet explorer crashes or freezes while playing video
    • Other Windows applications crash or freeze while playing video
    • Windows is unstable or is not responding when viewing videos
  3. In case IE9 freezes after launching, try resetting its settings:

    3.1. Start Internet Explorer.

    3.2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

    3.3. On the Advanced tab, click Reset.

    3.4. In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset to confirm.

  4. Improve performance, safety and security in Internet Explorer.

    Note: This solution enables many safety and security features that you may not want to enable for some reason. Please use it only in case IE9 performance has considerably degraded.

    What it fixes...

    Defective Internet Explorer add-ons. Disables defective add-ons.

    • Phishing filter is turned off. Turns the phishing filter on.
    • Pop-up blocker is turned off. Turns the Pop-up blocker on to block pop-ups.
    • Security settings are not set to recommended settings. Resets security to recommended settings.
    • Internet Explore does not update cached pages or updates them inefficiently, causing launch to be slow. Resets the page sync policy to automatic.
    • Cache size is too small or too big, causing slow performance. Resets the cache size to be within 50-250 MB of the default range.
    • Concurrent server connections set too low or too high causing slow performance. Restore IE concurrent connection settings to defaults.
    • Enable Data Execution Prevention for Internet Explorer

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