Critical error when starting a virtual machine

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You might open this article due to receiveing the following error message:

    The virtual machine cannot be started due to a critical error.

There might be a few reasons for the error message to show up:

1. prl_disp_service is stuck.

2. You use a non-genuine version of Parallels Desktop. 

Note: in this case, your device may be at risk; your Mac may be exposed to malware and viruses, and your private data could be accessed, stolen and/or destroyed. In addition, a non-genuine copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac may not function correctly, and you might not have access to customer support or essential updates. To stay protected, download and install a genuine copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac.


  1. Quit Parallels Desktop.
  2. Open Activity and make sure that prl_disp_service process is quitted. If not, click the cogwheel icon > select Quit.

  3. Open Parallels Desktop and start the virtual machine.

Note: If the instructions above do not help, reinstall Parallels Desktop application. Download the installation image of your Parallels Desktop version here.

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