Specific URL redirection

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In addition to existing URL and Mail redirection capabilities (ability to deny specific URLs), we added  an ability to allow specific URLs redirection only. This will help to redirect specific URLs such as https://teams.microsoft .com from the host to client, that is, the end-user device.

Feature details:  


The specific URL redirection increases content redirection to make better use of end-user device resources. Benefits include optimized audio and video delivery for calls and meetings and optimized server-side bandwidth. Ability to allow or deny specific URLs. It builds off existing Parallels RAS URL and Mail redirection.


  1. Go to RDSH properties: Farm > Settings > URL Redirection > right-click on the enabled/default URL redirection properties(*) > select Redirect from the Action tab and hit OK and Apply.

   2. Go to RDSH properties: Farm > RD Session hosts > right-click on RDS host > Properties > switch to Agent Settings tab.

   3. Enable "Allow Client URL/Mail Redirection" from Other settings and hit OK and Apply.


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