Unable to import Active Directory users/groups: Something went wrong querying the LDAP server, try limiting results by searching

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When trying to import Active Directory (AD) users/groups and there are many AD objects in the base DN specified in the Parallels Secure Workspace domain settings, this error may appear:


Something went wrong querying the LDAP server, try limiting results by searching



  1. The credentials of the LDAP bind user are no longer valid.
  2. The query processing occurs on the Microsoft Windows Server infrastructure (LDAP service), which is where some changes need to be done.



First, check the credentials of the LDAP bind user (System Settings > Global > Domains; select the relevant Parallels Secure Workspace domain and update the credentials).

Try again.


If that still doesn't work and there is a large number (a couple of thousands) of Active Directory objects:


  1. On the Domain Controller, open an elevated command prompt (explicitly run it as Administrator).
    1. Type ntdsutil and press Enter.
    2. After ntdsutil: type ldap policies and press [Enter].
    3. After ldap policy: type connections and press [Enter].
    4. After server connections: type connect to server <NameOfYourADServer> and press [Enter].
    5. After server connections: type q and press [Enter].
    6. After ldap policy: type set MaxTempTableSize to 60000 and press [Enter]. (enter a value higher than the total objects in your AD, e.g. 60000).
    7. After ldap policy: type commit changes and press [Enter].
    8. After ldap policy: type Show Values and press [Enter].
    9. Check the MaxTempTableSize is now 60,000 in value (with no brackets around the value).
  2. In Awingu, try to import the users/groups again. This should be possible without restarting the AD servers.
  3. If this does not work, please restart the domain controllers and then try again. It may be necessary to do this on all the domain controllers that are specified in the domain's settings in Awingu.


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