Using the Escape key in any application while working full screen

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When working in the full-screen mode, the browser interprets the [Esc] key as a trigger to close the full screen.



When entering a shortcut key on the keyboard, it is processed in the order below.
Only the first item in this list below which recognizes the keyboard shortcut, will perform an action linked to it.

  1. Operating system (OS).
  2. The window in focus (the browser),
  3. Parallels Secure Workspace.

This is why some shortcuts get picked up before they reach the Parallels Secure Workspace input.

Unfortunately, Parallels Secure Workspace has no influence on this behavior, nor can Parallels Secure Workspace change this behavior of the browser, as the shortcut keys are defined by the browser itself. This is why there are on-screen keyboard shortcuts available as a workaround for shortcut keys which are first detected by the OS and/or browser and therefore cannot be passed to the remote application.
As of now, it also doesn't seem possible to change the key used by the browser to trigger an exit out of the browser's full-screen mode.





Here are two very different approaches:




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