How to mass deploy Parallels Desktop to Mac with macOS 10.13 High Sierra using Parallels Mac Management Task Sequence.

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I have tried to mass deploy Parallels Desktop as a step in the Task Sequence. But the Install Application step fails.

NOTE: For macOS BigSur using MDM is a must and spctl utility is deprecated there.


Parallels Desktop system (kernel) extensions were automatically blocked by the new macOS High Sierra security feature. See Apple's KB Prepare for changes to kernel extensions in macOS High Sierra for more details.


Execute Script step should be created in the Task Sequence with the command to approve Parallels Team ID:

#! /bin/bash
spctl kext-consent add 4C6364ACXT

The step must be executed before Apply OS X Image step:

NOTE: If you are using mobile device management (MDM) service, all systems with a valid MDM profile installed will not require user approval to load any properly-signed kernel extension.

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