Installing RAS Guest Agent

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Installing RAS Guest Agent

To install RAS Guest Agent following procedure should be done:

  1. Configure Firewall and open the following Inbound ports:

    • TCP 135, 445 - for remote RAS Guest Agent Push (if agent is installed manually, then these ports are not required).

    • TCP 3389, UDP 3389 - for RDP access
    • TCP 30004, UDP 30004 - for communication with RAS Guest Agent
  2. Enable RDP for the required users:

  3. Install Remote Application Server Guest agent using one of the following ways:

    • Copy RAS installer to the template VM, launch it, select Custom Installation Type and specify RAS Guest Agent only:

    • In RAS Console navigate to Farm > VDI Hosts, click on Virtual Guest Settings

      in the opened Virtual Guests List dialog select template > click on Tasks > Properties:

      in the opened Guest Advanced Settings dialog specify template Computer Name or IP address

      in the Virtual Guests List dialog select template > click on Tasks > Check Agent:

      in the Guest Agent Information dialog click on Install button:

      type administrator credentials when prompted:

      make sure that Agent Status is Verified:

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