Parallels Access incorrectly detects registered computers after drive cloning

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I have two Mac computers registered in Parallels Access. I cloned OS X/macOS installation from one Mac to another one. I renamed both computers after cloning. But still Parallels Access can see only last signed-in Mac.


Cloned Mac has the same host ID.


All the further steps should be performed on the Mac with migrated OS X/macOS installation (not the original one).

  1. Sign out from Parallels Access .
  2. Open Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and execute:

    paxctl set --reset-host-id
  3. Sign in to Parallels Access.

If after executing the output is paxctl command not found, do the following:

NOTE: If after performing this command you have received response Failed to apply new parameters: PRL_ERR_CANT_CHANGE_HOST_ID error message in Terminal, you forgot to log out from Parallels Access.

Please log out from Parallels Access and execute command once more.

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