Cannot connect to network in Windows virtual machine using Bridged network type

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"an error occurred while renewing interface Ethernet : unable to contact your DHCP server. request has timed out"

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While using a wireless connection on your Mac and a Bridged network in the virtual machine, make sure that your Wi-Fi router (e.g. Airport Extreme, Time capsule, etc.) is not configured to provide Wi-Fi access by a MAC address. Otherwise you have to setup IP for Windows virtual machine manually, or setup DHCP server in the network.


Change Wi-Fi connection to Ethernet (wired) on your Mac. Reboot Windows virtual machine and check network connectivity.

NOTE: You may also try to test network connectivity under different Wi-Fi networks. If the virtual machine can’t connect to the Internet in some particular network while in Wi-Fi Bridged mode, but works in general and can connect to other Wi-Fi networks, it is a network issue, not the virtual machine one. In this case contact the system administrator serving this network.

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