Locate Parallels virtual machine on Mac

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There are several ways to find your virtual machine on a Mac.

In Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard and Pro Edition

A virtual machine can be located in Finder via Parallels Desktop Control Center.

In the Control Center right-click on a virtual machine you'd like to find and select Show in Finder.

In Parallels Desktop for Mac App Store Edition

Parallels Desktop for Mac App Store Edition is a sandboxed application and by default the application has no access to user's folders (except "Downloads" if granted). Virtual machines are saved in the following directory when installed automatically:

/Users/<username>/Library/Group Containers/4ะก6364ACTX.com.parallels.desktop.appstore/Shared/Parallels/

Note: Virtual machines from the Free Systems category are saved to the Downloads directory.

To open this directory in Finder, click on Go menu (when Finder is active) > select Go to Folder.

Then enter the following path to the field and click Go:

~/Library/Group Containers/4C6364ACXT.com.parallels.desktop.appstore/Shared/Parallels

Finder will open a window with the list of your virtual machines.

In macOS Spotlight Search

By default Spotlight Search indexes all the files on your Mac including virtual machine bundles.

Find its icon    in the right top corner to begin with.

Type in pvm (Parallels virtual machine) or just the machine's name.

In Finder

By default all virtual machines are stored in one of the following folders on the computer:




Use Finder's search engine to locate your virtual machine.

Type .pvm or the machine's name in the search field.


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