What information is included to Technical Data Report?

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What is a Technical Data Report and why I should send it?

Technical data report contains an essential information about your environment that helps Parallels Support and Engineering teams to diagnose product issues on your computer:

* - apart from the screenshots, technical data report does not include any sensitive information.

If you contact Parallels Technical Support you likely need to send a technical Report for investigating the issue you have reported. Without having a technical data report Parallels Support can provide very limited assistance.

What information is included to Technical Data Report that I send to Parallels?

After you clicked on Help > Send Technical Data and the report was generated, you may click on See Details before sending it out:


On the left pane you will see the list of logs included to your report. You can send the whole report or some of its parts. Parallels Desktop collects only technical information required for investigation, but you still may uncheck the items you do not want to send:

All technical data reports are stored on your Macintosh HD. Click on Show in Finder to see the report archive in Finder.

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